Sandblast Dust Collectors

Sandblast dust collector system by Econoline is designed for the removal of dust and dirt particles created while blasting within a cabinet. In operation, the collector draws dust and dirty air from the cabinet into the canister, where the heavier particles are deposited into the bottom of the housing. The air is drawn through the filter, which removes the finer dust particles. Filtered air is returned to the room. The dust collector you choose should match the work that you're doing at your facility.

Keep in mind that blast cleaning is by its very nature a dusty process and the primary function of the dust collector is to maintain visibility while blasting by exchanging the air in the cabinet. To maintain this level of visibility, a dust collector should provide 6 to 8 air changes per minute. Econoline’s cartridge style dust collector filters are 99.98% efficient, filtering .5 micron particles.

Primary considerations in choosing the right dust collector include noise, usage - at a time and over time, cost, maintenance, filtration, and operating area (how large, how clean, how humid and what sort of ventilation is available.)

For high volume production work, we recommend the use of a reclaim system. The Econoline abrasive reclaim system provides the removal of dust and dirt like a dust collector while also centrifugally separating broken down blast media, dust and foreign material from usable blast media, utilizing a direct drive pressure blower. This allows for less media waste and prolonged media life. Reclaim systems require the addition of a pickup tube to the cabinet hopper.

Sandblast Dust Collector 400-PT Reclaim D/C

The 400-PT Reclaim Sandblast Dust Collector provides 400 CFM and is both an abrasive reclaimer and dust collector, separating usable media from dust and other foreign materials. The front access door is 12” wide by 21 ¾” tall and the hopper trap door allows for easy dust removal. An easily replaced cartridge filter comes with model shown as well as an air actuated vibrator for filter cleaning and a 9” direct drive pressure blower. A 600 CFM model is also available, and both the 400 and 600 CFM models are available in a bag style dust collector with manual shaker.

Sandblast Dust Collector 400 D/C

Econolines 400 CFM Sandblast Dust Collector features an easy to replace cartridge style filter. This design permits maximum air flow while reducing the likelihood of filter clogging. It also has a 12” X 21 ¾” access door and hopper trap door for easy dust removal. A 600 CFM model is also available and both the 400 and 600 CFM models are available in a bag style dust collector with manual shaker.

Sandblast Dust Collector 150 CFM D/C Bag Style

The 150 CFM D/C Whisper Vac earns its name! At less than 85db at 12 inches, this model is the choice for the shop where noise reduction is an important feature. The Whisper Vac also offers higher efficiency than 100 CFM models and is a smart upgrade for businesses looking for a longer term dust collector investment. The 50 micron polyfelt bag filter is easily laundered and replaced.

Sandblast Dust Collector 100 CFM D/C Bag Style

The 100 CFM Bag Style sandblast dust collector is an efficient and safe solution to your dust collection needs. It returns filtered air to the room and has a self-cleaning feature in the bag. The 50 micron polyfelt bag filter can be laundered. Fabricated of 24 gauge steel, this unit requires limited maintenance.

Sandblast Dust Collector 400 EB Reclaim D/C

The 400 EB Reclaim Sandblast Dust Collector is a 400 CFM external bag media reclaimer with a large external dust bag and a ½ hp motor standard. The removable filtering system is easy to change and makes maintenance of this model easy. The 600 CFM model (Mfg. Number 102069-A) has standard 1 hp motor for even more power in your workshop.