Blast Cabinets - Siphon

Econoline siphon blast cabinets are economically priced, have a minimum number of moving parts, and require less maintenance than a direct pressure system. So what are Siphon cabinets? Also known as suction cabinets, they permit continuous blasting without pausing to refill abrasive media. Production rates are not as high as with a direct pressure system, but resulting finishes are comparable in quality. If you’re looking for low initial cost and easy maintenance, Econoline siphon blast cabinets meet the challenge.

Sandblast Cabinet Direct Pressure Systems

Pressure Systems utilize a pressure pot that incinerates the media from the pot through the blast hose, to the nozzle. A direct pressure unit has the same amount of pressure in the pressure pot vessel. Passing through the air line, it connects to the outlet of the abrasive metering valve.

Sandblast Dust Collectors

Sandblast dust collector system by Econoline is designed for the removal of dust and dirt particles created while blasting within a cabinet. In operation, the collector draws dust and dirty air from the cabinet into the canister, where the heavier particles are deposited into the bottom of the housing. The air is drawn through the filter, which removes the finer dust particles. Filtered air is returned to the room. The dust collector you choose should match the work that you're doing at your facility.